Which package is best for me?

Photograph by: Tae Fuller

Many couples that decided to get married usually have an idea on what they’d like for their wedding day to look like. They often alter that idea once they start looking through articles and photos in magazines or social media posts. One thing you will rarely see in magazines or in social media posts made by wedding planners is the DJ and the equipment used unless you come across it through DJ blogs or posts. Why? Well, most people aren’t familiar with what they’re seeing besides some speakers, a table, and maybe lights and frankly, most don’t really care as long as the DJ does the job well that they were hired to do. Well as you may have guessed there’s a lot more to it and if you’re asking yourself “What’s the difference?”, then I’m glad you’re here because selecting a package or DJ on price alone can potentially ruin your night due to poor sound coverage.

Usually a couple selects their wedding date and the venue(s) for the ceremony and reception first because understandably, those are priority. Selecting a venue, you probably already have an approximate idea on how many guests you may be inviting. Fast forward and now you’re talking to your DJ (hopefully me) who will be asking you questions such as “How many guests are you expecting?” and “What venue did you select?”. These two questions amongst others, help in recommending the best setup for your wedding because our packages are built to specifically address a need and provide a solution for the amount of people you are expecting and the size of your venue. The smaller the venue and guest count, the smaller the lighting and sound system you need and visa versa.

So what’s the difference in our packages? Package 1 was made to address a small event with sufficient sound for that number of guests. Package 2 contains two array styled speakers and two small subwoofers to add deeper sound for a mid-sized group and venue. As you may have guessed, Package 3 has two larger speaker cabinets with an incredible sounding subwoofer which has in the past shaken stages in large venues. The idea is that you will want to select the appropriate sound system to be able to cut through the background noise in the venue made by all the guests to provide crystal clear introductions and speeches while providing sufficient sound for the guests on the dance floor once dancing commences. This is definitely not a “one size fits all” situation and that’s why it’s important to select the proper system versus the least expensive one.

Lighting is also something to consider. Each package adds more lighting because again, the larger the dance floor the more we can add on to add full coverage and excitement. Custom Gobo/Monograms and up-lighting are easily added to any package and do a great job illuminating any venue. Lighting is something we can also discuss so that we can illuminate your venue and later the dance floor the way you envision it whether it is vibrant or warmly lit. There is so much that can be done with lighting that I’ll need to cover in an entirely separate post but it can make your event that much better.

So, what package is best for you? The answer I’ve given you above is brief but I’d love to explain what each system can do for you in detail but then again, if you have specific needs and want something more customized, I’d love go over the possibilities. If you want to know my recommendation let’s talk.

Photograph by: Tae Fuller