Custom Gobo / Monogram


You may have heard the term Gobo quite a bit especially when planning a formal event such as a wedding or Quinceañera. It seems like everyone is talking about Gobos and up-lighting now-a-days. So what exactly is a "Gobo"? The acronym Gobo is short for "Goes Before Optics". In simple terms, it is a template (whether glass or metal) that is used to shine light through in order to project the image or design from your template to a surface which is usually the center of a dance floor or wall.

So why would you need a Custom Gobo for your event? Well in all honesty you don't "need" a gobo for any event. Your celebration will be the same with or without it however, your celebration would be the same with or without table linens or flower arrangements as well. An event will function the same with or without decorative items but because this is your special day, decorations feel like a must-have and add that special "Wow" and "Aww" factor. If you want to take a look at your photos years from now, you will see these decorative items and fall in love with your night all over again right? That's what we're going for. We want you and your guests to walk into the venue and say, "Wow, that's beautiful!" or "Aww that's so sweet!". 

We use the best and industry standard Gobo projector on the market to project your monogram or "Name in Lights". This means a clear and crisp image for you to enjoy the night of your special day and for years to come through your photos. This is your night...put your name on it!